Reach The Top – Create Your Social Plan

Reach The Top – Create Your Social Plan

Well the weather is cold and it seems everyone is becoming ill. Work flows are slowing down and that creative zing inside your brain is making it hard to write those interesting and fulfilling articles that get your readers going wow.

It’s a common problem that the brain finds it hard to write when feeling ill. Your thought patterns just aren’t flowing the same. But do not fear, there are still ways you can work without producing high quality content.

As an affiliate your key goal is to bring traffic to your site. Without this your CTR will be low as well as your revenue share. You want those clicks.

Keep this in mind on those miserable days as there are still things you can do!

Create Lists 

Creating lists of useful information saves you hours and hours of time in the long run, and offers you a space where all of your data is stored. What type of data am I referring too? Well to bring traffic to your site the top lists are:-

  • Top 200 Twitter Followers
  • Top 100 Blogs (In Your Field)
  • Top 100 sites you would like to have content on

When creating these lists you have to be picky. These lists are meant to be your dream goals and targets. The sites with the most hits. The tweeters with the highest amount of followers. Get all of this information in one place so you can always remember where you want to be.


Create Publisher Templates

Now templates can be either the destructive force that gets our message deleted instantly, or it can be the driving force that persuades a publisher to advertise, RT, and let you blog for them.

Be personal, and be unique.  

Create something that stands out. Now many people follow the premise of introducing them selves and advertising their site or company straight off the bat. This isn’t the way to go. In this realm, you have to grab a persons attention instantly. Be brave, and don’t be scared.

Open with a question? – Get the reader thinking straight away, it keeps him in your email for a few seconds longer which may result in a full read or even a click.
These email templates should be designed for your site/blog promotion. Ask the author to include you in his blog roll, ask if you can write for them. Don’t always wait for people to come to you.

Create a wide variety of templates and have them stored in an easy place. Maybe in your email client for quick forwarding options. Getting onto a blog roll or posting on a really great site increases your backlink juice (which will be in your bio) but it builds up a bond and trust between companies and people.


Create Social Media Templates

These templates are designed to get your content spread around social media. Ask people to follow your page. Ask people to share a post over Facebook. Anything is possible if we only ask. (You can combine this with Tip #1 or work with your current following.)

Create a Twitter friendly tweet that is sent directly as a DM. You could be more direct and @ them, however this is then viewed by everyone else. It isn’t wrong to ask others for help, especially if you are active on your social feeds and can and WILL offer something back to the other publisher. Be polite, considerate and ask for a quick RT.

‚Would you RT this for us? Send a link back if you want a RT too. Have a nice day.’

You always have to remember this is ‚Social’ media. So be social and interact! These lists and templates give you a great way of pushing content to new people. People you never thought you would reach. Maybe your next article will receive 100 RT’s and reach 500,000 people. That could be 500,000 driving your affiliate sales through the roof whilst giving your site some great exposure too.


You always have to be unique and stand out in social media, without this the world won’t notice you. Be brave…I dare you.