Guest Blogging For SEO Is Over

Google Smashes Guest Blogging

The Days of Guest Blogging Are Over

For the past year bloggers, affiliates and everyone looking at increasing their SEO stats has been on the ride of Guest Blogging. It seems these days are now humbly over.

Google have now announced stricter blogging criteria, removing the scraped and spinned content from our circles whilst adding penalization methods to those who do spit out guest content daily.

This much needed change comes a few days after the announcement from Google who have released their new website ‚How Search Works’. An insightful view of the ins and outs of the Google world.

Guest blogging is a mixed world of link spam and amazing content. It seems there was no middle ground. I am someone who was in the centre of the guest blogging world, however I was not ‚abusing’ the system like many other people I have heard about. As much as this change hinders marketers, it does free up the blogging world and bring us back to what we should be doing. Writing to inform and educate.

Paid link exchanges and link centres were stopped 1 year ago and the blogging world began to spin the way content could be linked. Keyword stuffing was eradicated and a social element was introduced by Google. At the beginning this was a good change for Google. Authors began writing content, new ideas were being shared around the internet, even simple articles were holding weight as they were fresh. The blogging world was write, write, write, right? Alas, what comes up must also come down, and this is where many authors shot themselves in the foot.

Time spent sourcing article content for a singular link began to diminish. Instead of 3 hours spent on a fairly high end, resourceful article, people were now spending 20 minutes on a small 300 word ‚How To….’ or ‚Top 3 Tips for…’ . Content was being created and pushed at an alarming rate.

During this period I knew one blogger from India who was writing and outsourcing 20 articles per day. PER DAY. Low level, un-needed content that passed through the social premise Google created and headed straight to the algorithm room for a quick SERP check.

As you can see from this video, Google do understand there has to and should be a balance with guest blogging. Blogging impacts many other elements of the business chain and does not just effect Google’s internet policing. We write to get our content, name or brand known in spaces that may be harder to enter. We outsource to attract  people from alternative countries, to bring people back to our pages but ultimately to inform others. To educate them and do your good dead for the day (well I do anyway).

In the video Google do not clarify everything. Are links still going to be accepted for SEO? Will dofollow links be acceptable in bylines or is there going to be a new way for Google to read our content and know if we are worthy of that backlink?

As said, it doesn’t seem Google want to eradicate the idea of guest blogging, its primarily about having a cleaner and more resourceful internet space. When the YieldKit blog was open for Guest Blogging we received many emails and posts which were unpleasant to read. I was astounded people kept sending me such low quality content without realizing.

My thoughts on how Google should change guest blogging –

Authors should be credited with author scores on their Google+ profile to validate the authenticity of content. When content has been scraped and found to be copied or spun then we are black marked as writers. Maybe a link can only gain juice after the author has met a specific scoring level.

Overall, even as a blogger I am happy with this change. Bloggers are now being forced to write, and to write well. We all benefit. People will begin pushing the boundaries and focusing longer on a single article.

Do you agree with this Google change, and what we can we now do as bloggers to recieve better backlinks?

Many thanks