YieldWord 2 Is Here

YieldWord 2 YieldKitThe New and Improved YieldWord 2


Now you can easily earn money as a publisher. Link to products and keywords throughout your content. It’s never been easier.


We have been spending a lot of time configuring and updating our YieldWord system and we are proud to release YieldWord 2.


Our system now offers you access to thousands of products in different niche verticals. Our links are improved and will direct the user to exact product matches.


Change your affiliate model and give your users a great browsing experience that you can monetize from.



What Is YieldWord 2?


YieldWord 2 was designed to change the affiliate marketing landscape and offer Publishers a new way to monetize their content. High value content offers a lot of value to consumers. Now you can combine content with ads that match the keyword exactly.
YieldWord 2 links shops, products and key words automatically, however you still have full control. We do the integration and updating of in-text ads for you.






Exact Product Matching – Our tool links the keyword to exact products or shops.


Multiple Languages – YieldWord 2 supports multiple languages. English and German are fully operational and we are adding more languages very soon.


Automated and Updated – Our system is fully automated so you dont have to sign up for affiliate programs, track their process and create links throughout your site. We do this work for you.


Blacklist Words – There may be words you do not want linked. These can be blacklisted via our backend.


Link Spacing – You can define how spread out you want your links to be. You can set a word limit as to not fill up your content with links.


Specific Verticals – Link content to the vertical you work with automatically.


YieldWord 2 YieldKit



Why Use YieldKit?

  • Free to register, install and use
  • You take 75% Commision , We Take 25%
  • Access to more than 24.000 affiliate programs with only one registration
  • No more time-consuming research, registration and long waiting times for affiliate programs
  • Can be combined with other monetization solutions such as banner ads
  • Performance analysis reports
  • Wide range of tools to increase your website revenus


Bring Your Site To 2013


2013 is the year of new affiliate models so don’t miss out on your chance to earn even more money with your website.


Install YieldKit and begin monetizing your content.


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