How To Monetize Your Parked Domain

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How To Monetize Your Parked Domain

Most people think of buying domains in order to build websites. This is the usual reason to purchase a domain, but there are other possibilities as well. It is also possible to make money on parked domains. This simply refers to domains that are “parked” with a domain parking company. This may or may not be the same company from whom you purchased the domain, as some domain registrars also handle parking.


Why would you want to keep a domain parked? Some people invest in domain names in order to resell them at a later date. If you are a domain investor, you may want to earn some money on your parked domains until they sell. Another reason to park a domain might be that you changed your mind about building a website. Perhaps you decided to build a site in another niche. Still another reason might be that you found a certain website wasn’t working out for you and it simply wasn’t worth the trouble to maintain it. Whatever your reason, there are several ways to monetize a parked domain.


How Parking Companies Help You Make Money


When you park your domain with a parking company, they will set everything up for you. They will put up a simple site with ads that will attract visitors based on the keywords contained in your domain name. Most of these ads will be of the AdSense variety, meaning that you won’t earn much on every click. On the other hand, there are some niches where keywords are more valuable, so you might get a dollar or more per click on these.


Over time, however, the pennies can add up. If you have multiple parked domains, this can turn into a nice bonus every month. Some domain investors have hundreds or even thousands of parked domains. If nothing else, the money earned from the ads will probably more than cover the cost of registering the domain every year. If you have a whole portfolio of domains, this in itself can be a real benefit! You should make use of your unused domains and create a parked page for all of them. They can easily be taken off and deactivated anytime as well.


How Profitable is Domain Parking?


Some parked domains attract more traffic than others. This has to do with how popular the keywords are, and whether the domain is one that is likely to be well ranked in the search engines. If the domain was ever associated with a profitable website or has some age it will be more likely to get traffic and clicks.


If you are interested in parking domains, you should check out some of the leading domain parking companies, such as or It’s quite simply to park your domains. You probably won’t be able to make a full time income by doing this, but it can certainly help you to earn some extra money every month. It’s also a good way to prevent unused domains from being a drain on your budget when you have to pay $10 or more to renew them each year (review of Namecheap domain prices found here).


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